Frequently Asked Questions

Healing Multi-Academy Trust is consulting on its plans to open a 4 – 11 Primary Free School to add capacity to educational provision in the Scartho area in Grimsby. Please find below a list of frequently asked questions.

What is a Free School

A free school in England is a type of academy. They are non-profit-making and funded by the government. Free schools are 'all-ability' schools and so cannot use academic selection processes like a grammar school and are subject to the same School Admissions Code as all other State-funded schools.

When would the primary academy open?

If the application is passed then this time period is called the pre-opening period. This period of time can be anything from 12 months to 18 months. Therefore we would hope open the new school for September 2019.

Who will be able to attend the school?

The academy's admission arrangements will adhere to North East Lincolnshire 'Qualifying Co-ordinated Admissions Scheme for Primary Schools'. Please note that the school will admit pupils in reception only. As pupils transition through key stage 1 and 2 we expect the academy PAN to rise to 210.

Where will the primary academy be situated?

We have identified 2 sites to build a new school in Scartho. This will be decided by the Education Funding Agency once the application has been approved.

What will the curriculum look like?

The new school will provide a broad, balanced and creative curriculum. A wide range of subjects will be taught across the key stages, focusing on the development of knowledge, understanding and skills with a strong emphasis on the core subjects of English, Maths, Science and Computing. It will be designed to ensure all pupils have the opportunity to excel. The highest emphasis will be placed upon the acquisition of the key skills of reading, writing and oral communication in literacy. The development of sporting talent and an enthusiasm for sporting activity will be a priority.

Will there be day trips and residential visits?

The curriculum will be enriched by educational visits, visitors, experiences and themed days or weeks. This will include a focus upon religious festivals of all faiths.

Will there be extra-curricular activities/opportunities?

A wide selection of after school clubs will be sports based, offering variety. There will also be the opportunity for children to develop their skills and interests through club time e.g. sewing, cooking and singing.

Will my child be taught by a qualified teacher?

There will be qualified teachers who will plan and deliver. Some pupils may be taught in a smaller group with a learning support assistant completing the activities organised by the teacher.

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If you require any further information with regards to this proposal, please do not hesitate to contact Healing Multi-Academy Trust using the Contact Us link at the top of this page.